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College Funding

We're a Financial Advisory Office that specialize in the area of Wealth Transfers. One of those areas where people transfer wealth is College planning. It is pointless to talk about funding college if you don't know if you have enough for retirement.

If we can help you lower your Expected Family Contribution (EFC), that's mitigating a wealth transfer. The EFC is a measure of your family's financial strength and is calculated according to a formula established by law. Your EFC No. is the amount parent's are expected to contribute before being eligible for student aid from a school.

  • It's not just getting your student in college but how you're going to pay for that in the most efficient way.
  • Without a full ride, you're borrowing money for college no matter what:
  • You're either borrowing from someone else or you're borrowing from your retirement.
  • We help you identify what's the most efficient way to do that.
  • To attend a Free College Financial Planning Workshop, register at

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